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Link to Cimaza Comics on Amazon
Link to Cimaza Comics on Amazon

Cimaza Virology Comics and educational materials build understanding of the importance and safety of vaccines and their role in the fight against vaccine preventable diseases.

Our venture is UNIQUE; unlike others, our multi-lingual comics, cartoons and infographics (EU languages and Arabic) are created and produced by Dr Susan Nasif – a PhD Scientist (Virology) and award winning cartoonist, who has gained an international reputation for excellence in science communication.

At Cimaza we know that comics and animations are a great way to enhance science literacy among children and young people (various studies have confirmed this) and, with clever storytelling and appealing visuals, they are an ideal mechanism to ignite interest in, and understanding of vaccine efficacy and safety.

Cimaza Virology Comics receive an endorsement for the second time from Nature Magazine.

The renewed popularity of comic books has also provided a novel platform for information dissemination, such as the Cimaza virology comics developed by Susan Nasif and collaborators. These award-winning comics address debunking vaccine myths through a fact-filled and engaging narrative designed to appeal to adults and teenagers ( To date, several thousand copies have been sold on copyright and are displayed in waiting rooms and classrooms. The website itself receives a close to 7,000 visitors annually.

Link: Nature 1 - Nature 2

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