Pint of Science Belgium. Leuven. 22 May

Pint of Science Belgium. Brussels. 20 May

Scientists Who Draw Comics. AAAS Annual Meeting. Washington DC. Feb 14-17

EU Parliament. “Active Citizens in Europe advocate for vaccination.” 6-7 Nov 2018

ISNTD festival. London. UK. 27th March 2018

Viruses 2018 – Breakthroughs in Viral Replication. Barcelona. Spain. 7-9th Feb 2018

VII Simposio Nacional y 3er Congreso Latinoamericano de Virología. Colombia. 1st Dec 2017

“Women Leaders in Science, Technology, & Engineering” Conference. Kuwait. 23-25th Oct 2017

Winner of the Innovation in Science Literacy Award 2017. France. 19th Sep 2017

EUSEA, KU Leuven. Belgium. 29th May 2017

OpenDoor Night. Arizona State University. Tempe. USA. 25th Feb 2017

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